Commercial Roofing San Jose

When it is time to give your roof a much-needed makeover in sunny San Jose, you want a quality commercial roofing San Jose solution that is as reliable as a well-maintained surfboard. Install EPDM roofing, a durable, rubber-like material that can withstand the California sun’s intensity. However, installing EPDM requires expertise, and hiring the right roofers in San Jose, CA, comes into play.


Seek out the EPDM experts – not your cousin’s friend’s neighbor

EPDM installation is a specialized skill, not a DIY weekend project. So, avoid those “I know a guy” referrals that start with a connection to your cousin’s friend’s neighbor. Instead, look for established roofing professionals who have experience with EPDM roofing.


Do not cut corners – use the whole rubber band

EPDM is known for its resilience, but only when installed correctly. Ensure your chosen roofers use the proper adhesives, seam tapes, and techniques to create a watertight seal that lasts as long as a California sunset.


Get a guarantee – not just a handshake

When discussing your EPDM project, ensure more than a handshake agreement is involved. A written guarantee ensures that your roof will stand the test of time, just like a timeless classic.


Transparent pricing – no hidden costs, no magic tricks

Ensure the roofing contractor provides a detailed and transparent estimate for your EPDM roof installation. Unless it is a surprise rooftop party, you want to avoid surprises down the road.