Navigating the world of roofing and insurance can be as tricky as explaining quantum physics to a toddler. However, when you are in Los Angeles and dealing with roofing issues, understanding how to discuss insurance with your roofing contractor is crucial.


Start with the “Insurance 101” question

Begin your conversation with a fundamental question: “Are you licensed and insured?” This is the essential starting point. It is like asking if they brought their tools to the job. A reputable Los Angeles roofing contractor should be licensed and have insurance covering accidents and liabilities.


Do not shy away from details

The next step is to ask for specifics. In this case, you want to know about their insurance type, the coverage limits, and if it extends to potential damages to your property during the roofing work.


Request proof of license and insurance

Asking to see these documents is normal, and you should not start a roofing project without going through this step. Any reliable roofer would gladly offer copies of these documents, even before you ask.


Discuss responsibilities

Just like a chore chart at home, discussing responsibilities is essential. Make sure you and the contractor are on the same page about who is responsible for any insurance claims, should the need arise. Clarity is key.