The Art of Roofing: See the Difference

At Lifetime Roofing & Renovation, we believe in letting our work speak for itself. Over the years, we have undertaken numerous roofing projects, each unique and tailored to the client’s specific needs. Here, we proudly present a curated selection of our finest projects that not only underline our expertise but also stand as a testament to our commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetics.

Before: The residence showcased a clay tile roof that had seen better days. These tiles, once an emblem of architectural elegance, now appeared weary from battling the elements over the years. Along with the age-worn tiles, solar panels sat atop the roof, adding a layer of modernity to the old-world charm. While beneficial for energy savings, these panels posed a unique challenge for the roofing overhaul that awaited.

During: Lifetime Roofing and Renovation approached this project with precision and careful planning. First on the agenda was the cautious removal of the solar panels, ensuring their integrity remained intact for reinstallation later. With the panels safely stored away, our team then turned their focus to the clay tiles. One by one, the old tiles were removed, revealing the bare essence of the roof. Transitioning from clay to shingle, we introduced the sophisticated Owens Corning shingles in the captivating Antioch color. The shingles, known for their durability and visual appeal, were meticulously installed, layering protection and beauty onto the home.

After: The final scene was a residence reborn. The worn-out clay tiles were replaced by the vibrant Antioch-colored Owens Corning shingles, offering both robust protection and a fresh aesthetic. With the solar panels securely repositioned atop the new roof, the house emerged as a symbol of harmonious coexistence between classic roofing artistry and modern energy efficiency. Another testament to the prowess and dedication of the Lifetime Roofing and Renovation team.

Shingles Roofing Project: Owens Corning - Color Antioch by Lifetime Roofing and Renovation

Before: The home’s initial roofing system, although once serving its purpose dutifully, had started exhibiting signs of wear and tear. The aging shingles, compromised by the elements, were falling short in terms of energy efficiency and protection.

Process: Recognizing the need for a robust change, our team embarked on a careful removal of the older layers, ensuring that the base was primed and ready for a superior roofing solution.

After: The property was then outfitted with Owens Corning Title 24 Shingles in a pristine Shasta White finish. But the transformation was more than skin deep. Beyond their sleek appearance, these shingles are renowned for their adherence to Title 24’s rigorous energy standards. They efficiently reflect solar rays, maintaining the interior ambiance and potentially cutting down on energy costs.

Result: The house now exudes a renewed brightness, thanks to the crisp Shasta White hue which not only revitalized its look but also fortified its shield against the elements. This revamp ensures a blend of aesthetic charm with the trusted durability and efficiency of Owens Corning Title 24 Shingles.

Before & After: Revitalization with Owens Corning Title 24 Shingles in Shasta White

Lifetime Roofing and Renovation Project: A Comprehensive Renewal

Before: The initial aerial view captures a roof displaying signs of weathering, with an aged, slate-like appearance. The roofing materials have been subjected to years of elemental challenges, leading to evident discoloration and wear. The on-ground activity is a clear testament to the intensive labor and preparation involved in such a vast roofing project. Tarps, tools, and diligent workers are seen busily laying the groundwork for the transformation.

After: Post-renovation, the house stands proudly with a new lease on life. The Owens Corning Title 24 Shingles in Sierra Gray now coat the roof, offering both aesthetic appeal and fortified protection. The shingles lay uniformly, gleaming under the sun, echoing the top-notch craftsmanship. The property’s surroundings are kept pristine, undisturbed by the extensive work – another nod to the professionalism of the Lifetime Roofing and Renovation team.

From these visuals, one can appreciate the depth of change undertaken, turning a faded roof into a home’s crowning glory. This transformation not only enhances the property’s look but ensures its durability for the years to come.

Before: The residence was initially clad with roofing that, while once robust and appealing, had now begun to display evident signs of weathering. The Forest Brown shingles, though serving their purpose over the years, had lost some of their protective and energy-efficient qualities.

Process: Understanding the urgency for a durable and modern roofing solution, our dedicated team meticulously dismantled the old layers. Every step was taken to ensure a smooth base, prepared to support the new roofing.

After: The home was then graced with the Owens Corning Title 24 Shingles in the sophisticated Sierra Gray hue. This color not only added a fresh, modern touch to the property but also incorporated the renowned energy-efficient benefits of Title 24 standards. These shingles are designed to reflect a higher percentage of solar radiation, potentially reducing indoor cooling needs and energy expenditure.

Result: With its renewed Sierra Gray top, the house stands out, blending contemporary aesthetics with advanced roofing technology. The transformation guarantees both beauty and functionality, promising homeowners peace of mind for years to come.

Before & After: Transition to Owens Corning Title 24 Shingles in Sierra Gray

Lifetime Roofing and Renovation Project: Classic Clay Tile Revival

Before: The initial aerial perspective showcases a home with an aging clay tile roofing system. The tiles, bearing the marks of time and weathering, display discolorations and evident wear. Rustic reds and faded browns come together in an intricate tapestry, with a few tiles showing signs of misalignment or damage. The courtyard below reflects a tranquil setting, hinting at the daily life that unfolds under this storied roof.

After: The transformation is undeniably captivating. The new roof beams with meticulously laid clay tiles, all rejuvenated to a vibrant and consistent hue. Each tile perfectly complements its neighbor, creating a seamless expanse that reflects craftsmanship of the highest order. This renovated canopy not only pays homage to the classic charm of clay tile roofs but also promises enhanced durability and protection. Amidst the well-preserved greenery and ambient surroundings, the house stands renewed, its roof a testament to the blend of tradition and modern expertise that Lifetime Roofing and Renovation brings to each project.

Before: The existing roof, while once a crowning feature of the property, had begun to show the inevitable signs of aging and environmental wear. Over time, it became clear that the older materials were not providing optimal insulation and were falling behind modern energy efficiency standards.

Process: Once the decision was made to rejuvenate the roof, our team meticulously stripped away the dated roofing layers. This meticulous step was crucial to ensure the foundation was solid and ready for a refreshed overlay.

After: For the new installation, Owens Corning Title 24 Shingles in a rich Forest Brown were chosen. This selection wasn’t just about aesthetics; these shingles are known for their compliance with Title 24’s energy efficiency standards. Apart from lending a renewed visual charm to the property, these shingles work actively to reflect solar radiation, aiding in maintaining a more consistent internal temperature.

Result: The transformation was both visually and functionally impactful. The deep Forest Brown hue added depth and character to the property’s overall appearance. On a functional level, the new roofing system promises improved energy efficiency, potentially translating to savings on energy bills. The house now stands as a testament to the blend of style and modern roofing technology that Owens Corning Title 24 Shingles offer.

Before & After: Transformation with Owens Corning Title 24 Shingles in Forest Brown

Before: The original roof showcased an aging Owens Corning Title 24 Shingles in Forest Brown. Over time, these shingles bore the brunt of the elements, causing visible signs of wear. Surrounding foliage framed a house that had a clear need for rejuvenation. From the aerial view, the uniformity of the older shingles and the dated color could be clearly discerned.

After: The post-renovation image reveals a striking transformation. With the installation of the Owens Corning Title 24 Shingles in a contemporary Sierra Gray, the property now exudes a fresh, modern aura. The new shingles, known for their durability and energy efficiency, promise the homeowners years of protection against the elements. The aerial shot shows the pristine craftsmanship with every shingle laid meticulously. The surrounding area remains undisturbed, a testament to the professionalism of the Lifetime Roofing and Renovation team.

In both images, the scenic neighborhood backdrop adds to the visual appeal, but it’s clear that the newly renovated roof has added significant aesthetic and functional value to the property. A job expertly executed by Lifetime Roofing and Renovation.

Lifetime Roofing and Renovation Project: A Transformation to Admire

Project: Roof Transformation - From Flat to Pitched Perfection

Before: Our team was presented with the challenge of an older flat roof, which had seen better days. Its worn-out appearance and structural vulnerabilities called for an immediate and comprehensive overhaul.

Process: The project began with a meticulous demolition, ensuring the structural integrity of the property was maintained and preparing it for a transformation. We then progressed to the installation phase, elevating the design from a flat to a pitched roof, ensuring better water runoff and a more dynamic aesthetic appeal.

After: The newly installed pitched roof was adorned with premium Owens Corning shingles in the striking ‘Night Sky’ color, providing both durability and a modern touch to the home’s exterior. Complementing the pitched portion, the flat segments of the roof were expertly covered with ‘Polyfresko Title 24 Torch Down’, a top-tier solution known for its weather resistance and energy-efficient properties.

Outcome: The finished product not only enhanced the curb appeal of the property but also provided the homeowners with a roof that promises longevity, energy efficiency, and robust protection against the elements.

Before: The property was adorned with aging, weathered shingles that had seen better days. Over the years, they had lost their color, integrity, and resilience against inclement weather, leaving the underlying structure vulnerable.

During: Lifetime Roofing and Renovation, known for their commitment to quality, stepped in to transform the roofing landscape. After a thorough inspection, our team meticulously removed the old shingles, ensuring the integrity of the underlying structure. We then introduced the premium-quality Owens Corning Shasta White shingles. Recognized for their durability, these shingles not only promise longevity but also bring a fresh, clean aesthetic to the property. During installation, our team upheld the highest standards of workmanship, ensuring every shingle was perfectly placed, giving the roof a seamless finish.

After: Post roofing project completion, the property now boasts a pristine, bright roof that stands as a testament to both the quality of Owens Corning Shasta White shingles and the unparalleled craftsmanship of Lifetime Roofing and Renovation. The new shingles, with their reflective white hue, not only elevate the property’s curb appeal but also offer enhanced thermal efficiency, reducing the property’s overall energy consumption. Residents can now enjoy peace of mind, knowing their home is protected by top-tier shingles installed by roofing experts.

Shingles Roofing Project: Owens Corning - Shasta White by Lifetime Roofing and Renovation

Before: The original roofing of the property, though once robust, had now aged with visible signs of wear and tear. Its fading colors and apparent vulnerabilities indicated the need for a refresh and upgrade.

Process: We initiated the process with a detailed assessment of the existing roofing structure. Once confident in the integrity of the base, our team began the careful removal of the old material, setting the stage for the new installation.

After: The roof was then impeccably layered with Owens and Corning shingles in the sophisticated ‘Sierra Gray’. This color choice not only lends the property a renewed elegance but also ensures it stands out in the neighborhood for its modern and fresh appearance.

Outcome: The end result is a roof that doesn’t just protect against the elements but also adds significant aesthetic value to the property. With the quality of Owens and Corning shingles, homeowners can rest easy knowing their investment is secure for years to come.

Showcased in our portfolio, this project is a shining example of Lifetime Roofing and Renovation’s dedication to delivering top-notch results, ensuring both beauty and durability.

Project: Sierra Gray Elegance - A Shingle Transformation

Project: Night Sky Brilliance - A Modern Roofing Evolution

Before: The home originally showcased an aged roof with evident signs of long-term exposure, desperately calling for a modern uplift.

Process: With careful precision, our team began the transition by first stripping away the aged roofing layers. This allowed us to assess the structure, ensuring it was sound and ready for the transformation.

After: We then chose to elevate the property’s aesthetic with the use of Owens Corning’s Title 24 Duration Cool shingles in the stunning ‘Night Sky’ shade. This choice wasn’t merely for its visual appeal; the Title 24 compliant shingles also offer improved energy efficiency by reflecting more of the sun’s rays, thus reducing heat transfer to the home.


Outcome: This resulted in a strikingly modern and efficient roofing solution that promises durability, energy savings, and a visual treat. With the deep hue of ‘Night Sky’, the house now stands as a testament to the blend of style and substance.

Highlighted in our portfolio, this project perfectly embodies Lifetime Roofing and Renovation’s commitment to marrying beauty with function, ensuring homeowners a reliable and stylish shelter.